Erna Metzger

In the course of doing much figurative work, combining painting and drawing elements, I “discovered” the world of paper, with its myriad of textures, colors, translucencies. These papers are incorporated into recent mixed media work along with other items such as silk, thread. I begin a work with a vague idea, perhaps a theme, often figurative. Papers are collaged,colors applied, layers added. Something emerges, disappears and then maybe resurfaces. The relationship between background and foreground is dynamic and it is this relationship which intrigues me and then propels me to the finished work.

Transparency remains an important theme, with many rudimentary marks showing through. All layers of the work act together serving as a metaphor for our public and private lives.
These glimpses of worlds underneath are central to my current work. The history or the process of the work has become as important as the final piece. It is my hope that each passage or layer of the individual work might trigger a connection to the viewer and his/her own life.
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