My relationship with art started when I was about three years old. My father would bring home superseded government forms from work, and I would draw on the blank backsides of these. I made numerous drawings of a rubber frog squeeze toy, unaware that the frog image would later be appropriated by white nationalists.

        Much later, I moved onto intaglio printmaking. My teenage heroes were Albrecht Durer and Marcel Duchamp, and I started exhibiting my prints at local galleries. There was a rather long interlude when I practiced law and did not do much art, but eventually I started working with multiple media, using color, canvases, etc. Since 2011 I have had a studio in Redwood City. I have shown my work in a large number of group exhibits, competitions, galleries, fairs, festivals, and other venues. 

        I think of art as on the one hand having an interpretative function: clarifying, commenting, subversive and even a little bit oracular. On the other hand, art is Dionysian, the embodiment of beauty and ecstasy. I would like for people to be enchanted by my work, and to feel they are seeing something for the first time.   

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