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Annual Group Show

Closed December 31, 2017


In collaboration with Arts RWC’s Artists’ Holiday Open Studios in Redwood City and San Carlos, The Main Gallery’s doors will be open December 3rd and 4th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, with libations and snacks served all day. Exhibiting artists include:

Tom Haines, one two resident wood workers, presents a collection of exquisite turned wooden holiday ornaments.

LeAnn McGinley, one of two fused glass artists, presents a variety of unique glass ornaments and gift items.

Xuan My Ho, a mosaic artist, presents mosaic mirrors and holiday ornaments.


Solo Show by Arup Biswas
Closed November 19, 2017


I have always been fascinated by how the landscapes bring out our innermost feelings. For the last twenty years I have traveled around the country photographing these intimate portraits of nature that resonate deep inside us. My fascinations with Indian classical dance started a few years ago when my daughter started learning “Kathak”, the famous north Indian classical dance form. While photographing the dance recitals, it occurred to me that both these art forms share the same goal of offering the viewer an experience that transports them to a different world. In this exhibition, I have attempted to explore the shared goals of these two very different art forms.


Solo Show by Xuan My Ho

Closed October 15, 2017

Xuan My Ho mosaics are designed to tell a story, to inspire, and to delight the imagination. Her inner life and perception of the external world combine to capture the depth and complexity of such narratives, real or imagined. In addition to a variety of rich materials including pieces of ceramic, mirror and stained, fused, vitreous and tempered glass, Ho also incorporates natural elements such as stones and seashells. Ho incorporates a variety of artistic styles and techniques to create unique, harmonious pieces which include elements of impressionism, still life and architecture.


Solo Show by Jean Thrift

Closed September 10, 2017

My inspiration comes from nature and it's ever changing display of color, texture, and pattern. In this series of drawings I focus on the defining element of line. A line is an identifiable path created by a moving point in space. I make a mark and give it motion, direction, color, and volume. The seductive threads walk through space mapping a surreal landscape that hopefully will cast a spell upon the viewer, evoking thoughts and feelings that are personally transformative.


Annual Group Show

Closed July 23, 2017

Our Annual +2 Art Show is a fresh, collaborative group exhibit with The Main Gallery artists extending an invitation to two other stand-out artists from near or far to join them in exhibiting a piece of artwork.

Guest artists include Shannon Amidon, Bernard Bolton, Nick Boot, Aaron Grulich, John Haines, Marsha Heimbecker, Diane Ligouri, Kerith Lisi, John Lunceford, Susan Kraft, Teagan McLarnan, Ann Mills, Miki Shim-Rutter, Eric Saint Georges, Robert Stow, Peggy Sullin, Linda Tapscott, Isabelle de la Tullaye, Susan Wolf, Dan Woodard and more.


Group Show by Pia Brandt, Susan Fast & Katinka Hartmetz

Closed June 18, 2017

This is a show featuring artists who express themselves in multidimensional work that reflects life as it is, as well as how we wish it to be.


Group Show

Closed May 7, 2017


This show is meant to examine how public space and private thoughts and/or moments are colliding in the modern world. The line between what is public versus private seems to be blurring, especially in this age of social media. We seem hungry to record every moment of our lives and to share every thought that passes through our mind. We also seem to crave a peek into the private lives and minds of individuals we don’t know. The public figure has no privacy and the everyday private individual has a platform to the public that is unprecedented.


Closed March 26, 2017


Nest explores our relationship to our homes through artwork. The objects within our domestic space fundamentally contribute to our lives in significant and sometimes subtle ways. Personality, aspiration, and history all resonate within the home; identity can be shaped through texture, color, and space.


Closed February 12, 2017

The Main Gallery artists show off their smallest and largest pieces in an Alice in Wonderland style journey through art. The show features works in photography, mixed media, painting, jewelry, ceramics, wood, and metal.


Pop-up Group Show

Closed January 22, 2017

A group exhibition that demonstrates solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, and abortion rights. It also serves as a fundraiser to support organizations defending these rights.


70% of the proceeds of sales will go to a non-profit supporting women and 30% will go to The Main Gallery. Show your support to nasty women by visiting our show.

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