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Updated: Apr 9

We are introducing a Featured Artist component to our shows starting with the Cabo Verde Series by mixed media artist Jim Lee.

A brief description of the Featured Artist's work:

The Cabo Verde Islands lie off the west coast of Africa. They have no native population and were discovered by the Portuguese around 1463. Independent since 1975, the population of about 500,000 speaks a mixture of Portuguese with African influences. The islands have a strong musical and literary traditions. Perhaps best known is the lyrical, narrative style known as morna. My series of images, named after each of the islands (including the uninhabited Santa Luzia), is intended as a nonspecific visual tribute. Each image is 12”X12”1-1/2” and predominantly acrylic, together with photographs, dry media and various collage elements.

One Time

Jim Lee - artist's statement

My motivation is to tell stories and create places. I work with acrylic paint, gouache, dry media, photography (to capture raw material for other work), collage elements, and have worked extensively with intaglio printmaking processes. My work is abstract or figurative. I am interested in breaking down color and form into singular, quasi-atomic units, and to hold a noumenal color or shape in my hands. I have also done psychojournalistic projects on the First Gulf War and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, as well as serial works on Smokey Robinson, the story of Jason and the Argonauts, a windswept, treeless, and uninhabited sub-arctic island (“Belle Isle”) between Newfoundland and Labrador, bats, billion-year-old light coming from distant galaxies, and the symbiotic relationship between figs and wasps.


James V. (Villani) Lee: born in Dublin, Ireland. Lived in United States (California) since thirteen years old.

B.A. and J.D., University of Santa Clara; took some art classes in college and studied under Paul Kos and Terry Netter. Attended University of Vienna.

Member of California Bar, 1977-present.

Numerous gallery affiliations, group and individual shows, awards, and fairs, early 1970s-present. Partial list includes Smith-Anderson Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, 1972-1975; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1973); Katz and Dawgs Gallery, Columbus, OH (1992); Backstreet Gallery (Uribe Studios), Santa Rosa, CA (2007); Bridgland Studios and Gallery, Alameda, CA (2009), Neologian Gallery, San Mateo, CA (2015-16); Branner-Spangenberg Gallery, Redwood City, CA (2015-17), and the Main Gallery, Menlo Park CA (2019-present).

Jim Lee at The Main Gallery

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