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Teresa Beyer

In 1996 Teresa Beyer studied commercial art and design in Los
Angeles, California where she first found a gift and love for painting.
Later moving to Ventura, CA she pursued a successful career in
desktop publishing and provided freelance graphic art services to
Ventura’s Rubicon Theatre Company and the Channel Islands Ballet.
During this time a voice in her head kept saying “Why don’t you go
draw or paint something?” And so she did - in 1998.
Inspired by the beautiful coastal community and from deep seated
emotions and her inner voice, she began studying art and fell in love
with watercolor, where a devotion and concentration for this liquid color
was solidified.
Teresa’s desire is to paint a soulful soft perception of the world that
creates a feeling of beauty, serenity and love. Artwork is a common
language - and hers is an expression from her heart.