Before immigrating to the United States in 1979, Xuan My Ho was studying medicine in her home country of Vietnam. Once in America, she decided to change her career path to computer science. For more than 30 years, she worked in information technology for well-known Bay Area employers such as Wells Fargo; University of California, San Francisco; and Oracle.

In 1998, a vacation to Barcelona ignited Xuan’s artistic passion. She admired and was inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s use of mosaic in his architectural structures. Xuan began working with mosaic upon returning home.


Xuan recently became a full-time mosaic artist, leaving her information technology career behind. Xuan incorporates her mosaics into indoor and outdoor tables, wall hangings, mirrors, birdbaths, sculptures, animal statues, fireplaces, water fountains, large-scale murals, and also commission work.


Her artistic inspirations are derived from her imagination, the world around her and her experiences as a Vietnamese refugee who has created a life in America. She employs soft colors and curved shapes to capture the beauty of the earth, sky, mountains and water.

Xuan’s art work has been selected by Mosaic Arts International for exhibitions at the Museum of Man in San Diego (2009) and the William Tower Gallery in Houston (2014), and two of her pieces were acquired by Neil Young and Pegi Young.

Xuan’s website is Swanmosaic, which echoes the English pronunciation of her name.


You can visit Xuan My Ho's website by clicking here.

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