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Send email to Gallery Chair with your 1st and 2nd choices by October 7th.

  • Eligibility for small group show is 3 months membership

  • Eligibility for solo show is 6 months membership

  • If cancellation is absolutely necessary within 4 months of the show, artist is responsible for finding an acceptable replacement.

  • Artist(s) bear all responsibility for cost of postcards, poster, and reception.

  • Artist(s) is responsible for coordinating volunteers for reception (bar, cashier, set up and clean up).

  • Due 2 months prior to show:  photos for PR, select reception date, write up of show.

  • Artists are asked to remain members for 3 months after show.


Show Calendar 2019

Monday–Saturday–12/31/2018–1/6/2019 closed

Sunday 01/06/2019–drop off art work day


Installation Monday, January 7  (5weeks)

Show begins: January 9

Opening Reception: January 12

Show ends Sunday, February 10

Title:Alumni Show


Installation Monday, February 11  (6weeks)

Show begins: February 13

Opening Reception: February 16

Show ends Sunday, March 24


Front Room: Susan Kraft

Installation Monday, March 25  (6weeks)

Show begins March 27

Opening Reception:March 30

Show ends Sunday, May 5


Artist: All Gallery show

Installation Monday, May 6  (6 weeks)

Show begins May 8

Opening Reception: May 18 (May 12 is Mother’s Day)

Show ends Sunday, June 16

Title Plus 1


Installation Monday, June 17  (6 weeks)

Show begins June 19

Opening Reception: June 29

Show ends Sunday, July 28

Desk: Fred Aron

Front: Bjorn Kleeman

Installation Monday, July 29  (6 weeks)

Show begins July 31

Opening Reception: August 10

Show ends Sunday, September 8

Desk room: Kris Idarius

Front Room:Karen Olsen

Installation Monday, September 9  (5 weeks)

Show begins September 11

Opening Reception: September21

Show ends Sunday, October 13

Desk room: Jean Thrift

Front Room:Sydell Lewis

Installation Monday, October 14  (6 weeks)

Show begins October 16

Opening Reception: October 26

Show ends Sunday, November 24 

Desk room:Arup Biwas 

Front Room:Katinka Hartmetz

Installation Monday, November 25 (5 weeks)

Show begins November 27

Open Studios  AHOS of Redwood City  December 7 and 8

Opening Reception: December (TBD)

Show ends Sunday, December 29

Desk room + Front room:

All gallery/Holiday show

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