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My goal in photography is to capture the feelings I have while making the image in camera, whether it be awe, joy or gratitude.  Photography pushes me to look more closely at the world around me and to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings, both magnificent and subtle.

I do photography for the joy of it. There is joy in going to exotic places to see and capture strange and beautiful sights, in finding beautiful scenes in otherwise mundane subjects, or in creating surprising and fun abstracts using in-camera techniques. My photography interests are quite wide and include grand and intimate landscapes, abstracts, astrophotography, intentional camera movement, multiple exposures, macrophotography and infrared photography. I enjoy experimenting with and learning new techniques.

Born and raised in Southern California, with several years in Illinois and New York for post-graduate work, I returned to California and settled in the South Bay in 1975.

While my formal training is in science, I’ve always had art as a passion.  I have done pottery, macrame and tatting, wood block carving and printing, as well as wood carving and turning. But it is with digital photography that I believe that I have found the ability to capture the feelings that my subjects inspire in me. I hope that those viewing my images can at least experience some of those feelings.

My photographs are available either matted, or matted and framed, and available in various sizes

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