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For Samuray Akarvardar, making art based on the human form is an expressive process as well as a meditation that helps her organize her feelings, settle her thoughts, and resolve her conflicts about the happenings of life. She finds inspiration in the daily realities of life, literature, history, and archeology to create figurative imagery.


In Akarvardar’s works, the concepts of drawing and painting are inextricably intertwined and the conflict between spontaneity and design is resolved by dialog. The excessive use of black and white in her works comes from her fascination with print media and books.

Akarvardar was born in Turkey. She has a PhD in geophysics. Her art education started with the drawing classes she took in her teens in the basement of Istanbul Fine Arts Museum. She has attended various art classes and studios over the years. The most influential art instructors in developing her artistic view were Meryem Arica (Istanbul, Turkey) and Michael Azgour (Bay Area), both of whom are contemporary abstract figurative painters. Akarvardar has lived in Turkey, France, upstate New York and Taiwan before she settled in Bay Area.

Samuray Akarvardar's website:

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