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Kristine Idarius

My journey as an artist began in Chicago. In this urban setting, for many years the focus of my art was figurative and narrative, often concerned with telling a personal story related to dreams, interior spaces and psychological states, based on the life myths and stories of myself and people I knew. With relocation to Northern California in 1998, I received the gift of living in an area surrounded by a vast ocean, mountains and incredible forests. The figure began to disappear from my work and my perspective has become deeply immersed in the natural world.

The purpose of my paintings has became to achieve something like portraits of the living, growing things that inhabit the earth beneath my feet. With close, intense observation of the passing seasons and cycles of growth and death in the natural world, I am able to feel connected to the force that brings life to each blade of grass, to each passing moment. The act of painting allows me to find my place in this world through the process of seeing and at times, to find a sense of inner peace. I hope that those who view my artwork may have the same experience.



            The question is not what you look at, but what you see.     ~Henry David Thoreau

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