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Lidija Tkalcevic

Lidija was born in Croatia where she developed an affinity for drawing and architecture. After not getting into the school of her choice, architecture, she persuaded the education in economics, which she was not fond of.

With the move to California in early 80s she found her passion in ceramics, particularly sculpture at Foothill college. Encouraged by Bruce George, the head of Ceramics department and with lots of self thought, numerous workshops and pure love for ceramics, Lidija’s abilities has grown into the expression and sensibility that is easily recognized.

Influenced by Croatian “Naive school of painting” and great graphic artists, Amadeo Modigliani, Paul Clay and Salvador Dali Lidija’s sculptures are evolving into somewhat abstracted.

Texture comes from stamps, found objects, fabric.

The slip is made of the same clay as body of the sculpture and the color, from oxides and massanoray stains, is mixed in and fired to cone seven.

Materials for the sculptures are Sculpture mix or B-mix, bronze glass and wire.

Lidija finds inspiration everywhere in life: from human body to human condition, from traveling experiences to understanding of global and domestic problems.

Coming from different environment with different point of view makes you realize how different or similar we all are.

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