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Lynn Kathyrn Miller

When Lynn was very young, her parents moved the family from her birthplace in Arizona to North Carolina where she grew up in a heavily wooded area of Raleigh, inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her neighborhood. After spending countless hours exploring the nearby forest, Lynn acquired a deep appreciation for graceful shapes and patterns found in nature. This later manifested into enrollment in art school at East Carolina University, where she began experimenting with clay and the way it was easy molded into numerous, natural shapes.


As a junior in college, Lynn began taking jewelry classes taught by world-renowned professors. During this time, she became transfixed by the malleable qualities of metal. Ultimately, she honed her skill at transforming many different kinds of precious metals and intricately blending them with a wide variety of precious stones.


After graduating with a BFA, Lynn became an apprentice for a renown goldsmith in Hillsborough NC. While working there she learned to forge metal into graceful shapes. Lynn was deeply motivated after attending a workshop by ancient goldsmithing master Jean Stark, and became obsessed with the beauty and strength of Byzantine design. Specifically, one of her favorite styles is hand weaving chain together to give it intricacy and tremendous strength. Her vast experience as a designer, stone buyer, and jewelry maker—combined with many stints as a high-end jewelry store sales executive—have inspired her unique vision as a creator of truly special rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains, and more.


Today, she is constantly perfecting the craft of handmade jewelry to create truly graceful, one-of-a-kind pieces—always with a keen focus on being green and using recycled metals when possible.

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