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    is particpating in 




            in downtown Redwood City, CA 

            at 1018 Main Street and Middlefield Avenue.

December 1 and 2 ,2018 

9am to 5pm

  Join us for this holiday event and view our display

of a wide price range of original art very suitable and

unique to give as holiday gifts to friends and loved ones.  


Prices range $5 to $5000. 

 You're sure to find something special  


 Come in and be surprised by the variety of art direct

from the artist’s studios. Our artists will be on site to

talk with you during this two-day Event.


Parking made easy: try behind the Gallery or in the corner lot,

down past the Library,or a bit even further down at the Box building;

Box provides public parking on weekend and nights.


 The Main Gallery is open daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

from November 28 to December 30

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October 24 to November 25, 2018

Reception:  October 27th, 6-8:30 pm

“There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns.”
C. Palahnik

My inspiration comes from nature. Its ever-changing display of color, texture, and pattern never fails to spark the creative imagination. This series speaks to its underlying structure and  intrinsic symmetries.

Pattern evokes a sense of rhythm and contrasts that highlight the beauty, and often playfulness, of the created surface. The small scale of this work invites the viewer to slow down, come close, and explore the colorful recreation of what I see.

A graduate of UCLA with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I have been a professional artist for over 40 years, and currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...



4th Generation Artist

September 12 to October 21, 2018
Reception: Saturday, September 15, 6-9 pm

Katinka Hartmetz, is showing how her family of artists has influenced her own work.

‘I have learned so much from their paintings’ Through photos and mementos of this 4th generation artist, the viewer can see correlations to Hartmetz’s own paintings.

‘Becoming an artist in a family of artists’ Hartmetz considers herself extremely lucky to have grown up in an artistic home. As soon as she could hold a brush she was given lessons by her Grandmother and mother.

‘I live with their art, they fill every inch of wall space, cocooning me in their talent’


Small Group Show by Edna Acri,

Tom Haines and Arup Biswas

August 1 to September 9, 2018

Reception: Saturday, August 4, 6pm-8pm




“Memories are what make up a lifetime of experience. The subjects of my paintings are taken from my memories of hiking in the beautiful California Sierras, traveling and seeing the natural beauty of our planet both in the United States and Europe, and experiencing moments that remain as wonderful memories of people, places and time. May my paintings tell you of my memories and remind you of yours.”




I used to think that wood was a structural material. It still is, but now I think of it differently. Now I feel the artistic nature of wood. Nature, of course, is the best artist, but perhaps I can take advantage of her and enhance the beauty that wood presents. My thinking of wood is not of splinters, but of softly shaped grain patterns. The serenity and quiet soothing quality of wood art leads nicely to the phrase “Whispers and Dreams”.

I am a wood-turner. I make round wood art. It is my pleasure to make wood into pleasing shapes and sometimes functional wood art. These pieces are often decorated to further enhance their wood grain and interesting shapes. "Whispers and Dreams" will incorporate my latest ideas in wood art and decoration.


For me, the theme of this exhibition is flowers. I have always been fascinated by the flower portraits of photography legends, such as, Robert Mapplethorpe, Joyce Tenneson, Imogen Cunningham. I wanted to explore the subject through my own eyes. It has been such a self-discovery process! During this journey, I have realized how unique each flower is. Some are flamboyant and playful, some are introvert and shy. While some attract attention through dazzling display of colors and patterns, others soothe our soul with their simplicity and reticence. While photographing the flowers, I forgot if I am gazing at a flower, or a human soul. I hope, through these photographs, I am able to convey my sense of discovery to you, the viewers!


Annual Group Show with invited artists

Closed JULY 29th, 2018


The Main Gallery is pleased yo welcome local artists to our multimedia exhibition. Our annual +1 Art Show is a fresh, collaborative group exhibit with The Main Gallery artists extending an invitation to one other stand-out artist from near or far to join them in exhibiting a piece of artwork.


Solo Show by Noa Mendelevitch

CLOSED JUNE 17, 2018

Observer Mechanics is inspired by the work of quantitative psychologist Donald Hoffman who studies how we perceive reality using mathematical models and psychophysical experiments, as well as by the artist's ongoing quest for meaning in her personal life. The work is color saturated, dense in texture and layers of mixed media, and aims to express Mendelevitch’s profound need to question the nature of personal experiences and of consciousness itself.


A portion of proceeds from the sale of art at Mendelevitch’s reception will support LifeMoves an organization that aids the homeless and others in need in the Bay Area.


All-Gallery Show

Closed May 6, 2018

Memories shape who we are in multiple ways: They inform our decisions, interactions and relationships over the course of our lives and slowly transform us from within by defining our hopes, expectations, and fears. Some memories are uniquely ours, while others emerge from a collective consciousness. In Memories That Make Us, artists touch on both the transient, fleeting moments of their lives and on the archetypes that permeate our culture.


Solo Show by Pia Brandt

Closed March 25, 2018

Brandt’s inspiration emerges from images of the Madonna released by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She considers the images a gift for her creativity.

Brandt prints each classical image of Mary on silk and then lovingly adorns it with handmade and vintage paper, fabric, silk thread, and 23 carat gold leaf.

Benefit for the homeless and other needy people in Redwood City. Proceeds will support the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul.


Solo Show by Nathalie Strand

Closed February 11, 2018


Planned happenstance is described by career theorist John Krumboltz as "a particular viewpoint that allows you to create opportunities by taking action on your curiosity." 

This element of chance is present in Strand's process as the pictures are taken separately, with no specific end goal in mind. Strand notes that while most people walk by, heads in their thoughts, eyes on their phones, she pays attention to the mundane, the details, the corners, the shadows, the stains, the puddles. What usually gets the least attention gets all of hers.

Strand seeks to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, the boring, the ugly and the dismissed. When merged, the results are always unexpected, exciting and enigmatic and the pictures surprise Strand in the telling of stories she didn’t even know existed with endless possibilities.

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