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Wood has had a special life-long impact on me. I grew up surrounded by furniture and other makings from my father’s shop. I was pounding nails by age five, built my first boat by age sixteen, built two racing sailboats by age twenty-eight and built all of my living room furniture for my first home. Wood fascinates me. It looks beautiful, smells sweet, works easily and is stronger than steel on a weight basis.


Nature has offered me the opportunity of using this wonderful material. In celebration of this, I make the most of creating works of art, in my case through the turning of objects on my lathe. I try to enhance the beauty of this wonderful material by creating shapes that are complimentary to the magical qualities of the wood. I love to bury myself in wood shavings. The process sometimes includes creating an imagery with veneer, contrasting materials or poured epoxy. Imagine the joy of taking an ugly chunk of firewood and re-configuring it to have artistic value. My most important tool is my creative desire to do something unique and my joy in doing it.


You can visit Tom's website by clicking here.

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